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Exploring Jazz clarinet Ollie Weston avec fichiers audio

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This definitive book is designed for the intermediate clarinettist looking for an introduction to the world of jazz. Renowned jazz saxophonist Ollie Weston introduces key concepts step by step, explaining clearly and simply throughout, with the minimum of musical jargon. Improvisation is featured from the very beginning, with authentic live jazz trio recordings on the accompanying CD for you to play along with. Key subjects covered include: modes, swing playing, melodic development, the 2-5-1 progression, jazz blues progressions, pentatonic scales, jazz chord extensions, stylistic development, unique clarinet sounds and many more.


- Introduction
  - 1: The Blues
  - 2: The Major Seventh Chord
  - 3: The Minor Seventh Chord
  - 4: The Seventh Chord
  - 5: Putting It Together
  - 6: Modes of the Major Scale
  - 7: The II-V-I Progression
  - 8: The Minor II-V-I
  - 9: Song and Standards
  - 10: Bebop
  - 11: Style Workout
  - Conclusion
  - History and Listening