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Exploring jazz drums Clark TRACEY avec CD

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This book, from acclaimed percussionist Clark Tracey, provides an easy to follow and comprehensive introduction to playing Jazz Drums. The author offers a unique insight into various playing methods and techniques including following scores, unusual time signatures, soloing, advice on equipment, as well as an entire chapter dedicated to brush techniques.

The book is accompanied by a CD containing audio and video demonstrations, play-along tracks, and exercises performed by Clark Tracey on drums with a live backing band. Ideal for any percussionist looking to improve their overall technique or understanding of jazz music.

A welcome addition to the best selling Schott Pop Styles series, which also includes Discovering Rock Drums (ED 13354), Exploring Jazz Piano volumes 1 and 2 (ED 12708, ED 12829) as well as many more titles.


  - Introduction
  - The Basics
  - Keeping Time
  - 3/4 And Beyond
  - Following A Sequence
  - Soloing
  - Different Stylists
  - Brushwork
  - Straight 8s
  - Woodshedding
  - Listening & Reading
  - CD Track Listing