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The Celtic Fiddler (Nouvelle Edition), Avec CD

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(Avec en + Version Optionnelle Violon Facile + Guitare)




  - Ireland; The Rocky Road to Dublin
  - Drips of Brandy
  - Rights of Man
  - John Ryan's Polka
  - The Humours of Westport
  - Isle Of Man: Moylley gys Jee my Chaarjyn (Praise to God, my Friends)
  - Ny Kirree fo Niaghtey /The Sheep under the Snow)
  - Three Little Boats Went Out to Sea
  - Galicia: Pasadobre Popular
  - Muineira das Zocas (Muineira from Zocas)
  - Danza de Carino (Dance from Carino)
  - Muineira: Ponte de San Paio (Muineira: The Bridge of Saint Paul)
  - Alborada de Pontecaldelas (Alborada from Pontecaldelas)
  - Wales: Nyth y Gwcw (The Cuckoo's Nest)
  - Tros y Garreg (Over the Stone)
  - Mwynen Cynwyd (The Mais of Cynwyd)
  - Glwysen (The Fairest One)
  - Croen y Ddafad Felen (The Yellow Shepskin)
  - Brittany: Gavotte: Je vous dis, Mademoiselle (Gavotte: I tell you, Miss)
  - An Dro (Dance Tunes)
  - Hanter Dro (Dance Tunes) Silvestrig
  - Cornwall: Miner's Fancy
  - Furry Dance
  - Tom Bawcock's Treat
  - Scotland: Drummond Castle
  - Mucin' o' Geordie's Byre
  - Scotland the Brave
  - Speed the Plough
  - Pastoral (Gin ye Kiss my Wife)