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New fiddle tunes violin avec CD

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New Fiddle Tunes is the latest addition to the Schott World Music Series. Pete Cooper presents 50 new and original folk-inspired tunes for solo violin, however some of the tunes can be performed as duets.
All of the pieces draw upon influences ranging from English, Scottish, and Balkan traditional music, Polkas, Blues, Waltzes and more.
Explanations of the playing style is included in the edition which covers ornamentation as well as bowing technique.
Suitable for Grade 3 and above.
All of the pieces are included on the accompanying CD and performed by Pete Cooper himself.


  - Angel's Waltz
  - The Devil at the Bar
  - Bonnie Hackney
  - Farewell to Islington
  - One for Louise
  - The Catch
  - August
  - The Skirmish
  - Melting
  - Thaks a Million, Gillian
  - Lorna
  - Critton Hollow
  - Hogg Calling
  - Katya
  - The Sleeper
  - The Green Garden
  - The Day Off
  - The Deadline
  - Jig for Jo
  - Heartbeat Polska
  - Spiky
  - Happy Outcome
  - Coming Home
  - Cock-a-Doodle-Doo
  - Two Steps Forward
  - The Webmaster
  - Sue's Birthday
  - Snicket
  - Rillovy Rill
  - Maisy
  - Wedges Mill
  - Catching the Buzz
  - G for Gnosall
  - Synapse
  - Road Rage
  - Berserk
  - A Time for Peace
  - Life's Too Short
  - The Aftertought
  - The Sulk
  - The Tantrum
  - Spanish Point
  - The Weaver's Jig
  - The Architect's Waltz
  - Breakaway
  - Blues for Lawrie
  - Head Case
  - Before the Blossom -The Dartington Jig
  - The Last Word